Why Do Psychologists Use Pilot Studies

How To Choose A Psychologist For Mental Health Problem

Psychology makes use of a number of research methods. They utilize lab experiment, field experiment, case study, correlation, interviews, questionnaires, structured research methodology, controlled and natural observations and several others. Other noticeable research methodologies used are content analysis and observational studies. Observational studies can be divided into covert and overt observations.

Principal among the research methodologies utilized in psychology is pilot study. Psychologists in los angeles make use of this method in many of their researches and it had proved to be among the most dependable. The truth is that the field of psychology is research-intensive. New human challenges come up each day and the scientists just need to be battle-ready to combat such. They therefore need to research consistently.

What does pilot study stand for

Pilot study is simply the initial set of procedures that can be used in any form of investigation, especially scientific investigation. In this research methodology, few people are selected and the scientific study is carried out on them. The participants must however give their consents before they are used for the said research.

The research can be time consuming and it can be costly. However, psychologists in los angeles have found a way to minimize the cost and the time spent on the research methodology. What they did was to identify all the flaws possible in the methodology and put things right. It has proved over the years to be one of the best research methodologies in the field of psychology.


What are the benefits of this method to psychology?

The los angeles psychologist utilizing this research method is able to easily identify any abnormal thing in the research process. Such easy identification is rather impossible with other research methods. The method ensures no confusion ever ensue in the course of the research. The participants participating in the research may provide wrong and confusing information. Such ambiguity can be easily detected using this research methodology. Such easy identification however requires some levels of expertise and experience with the method.


All the participants must fully participate in the research in order for the outcome to be beneficial. If any of the participants fail to perform their allotted task, it may give the research the floor effect. The los angeles psychologist should make the tasks very easy so that the participants will be more willing to participate and also complete the tasks allotted to them. This way, the research being carried out can be well completed and get the ceiling effect.

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